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DON’T Define Yourself in a Limiting Way

21/04/22|11:35 AM

“YOU Love yourself a little more, When you know you come with Unlimited Capacities” - Richa Chaturvedi

If you know me through my blogs, webinars, seminars, books or insta/fb lives, you would know that I strongly advocate the thought that One Should Never Define Themselves in a Limiting Way!!! I always reinforce the importance of differentiating or changing oneself in a way that is rewarding, life-giving and embraces freedom.

But Ironically, There is one study which says that 80% of the population define themselves in a limiting way!!! This means 80% of us are not realising our true potentials and caging ourselves in our own created cages of life!!! They are representing themselves that is confining or restricting them in some way or the other!!! WHY and HOW?

Let’s figure out -

We define ourselves with the positions we hold in an organisation. Is that position representative of us 100%. Are we just that? Hard core reality is no one even bothers what position you hold outside that organisation. Then why do we restrict ourselves to such tags? Why? It is because it satisfies our EGO, but without realising that it is doing more harm to us then good we feed her to feel good everytime. It is like a slow poison - sweet and relaxing in the short run but fatal in the long run.

We define ourselves by religion, caste, creed, gender, beliefs, norms, views etc… In this definition we tend to forget that we are Humans and should have a Humanist approach. We in the fake race of being identified, identify ourselves as what we are carrying just as a norm of life but it isn’t an entire life. Why? Well! Again satisfying our EGO towards things which really don’t matter when it comes to Being Human.

We identify ourselves with the skill-set, strengths or weaknesses that restrict our thoughts, processes and systems because we don’t tend to think beyond them. I remember it saying to a Maths teacher in the initial years of my teaching career, that Math isn’t my cup of tea and he said madam if you have done post-graduation then it is definitely your cup of tea as you are far more mature and educated then the students whom you are teaching. That actually blew away some limiting beliefs.

These factors define our personality, thought process, our conventions, convictions , attitudes and aptitudes which subsequently limits our growth and success prospects in the future and do not let us live a life full of abundance and conviction of Unlimited Power.

But now I have started to feel that I should capitalise on my potential in a way that just defining myself as “Richa Chaturvedi” says it all about me!

We all are on our own journey to discover WHO WE ARE? And While on this journey that major roadblock that we face is “WE Ourselves’. We ourselves are responsible for what we are today, since we are the ones who contributed to it yesterday.

A humble request to all readers read to unleash and not to stay snared.

In what ways do you limit yourself?

Why? And How?

Is there any way that you can untangle yourself from these limiting beliefs?

Do Respond in the comment box!!!

Kudos to Your Identity!


Richa Chaturvedi

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