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How to find a mentor

"My soul (Mentee) is searching a guiding light (Mentor) with similar energies as mine, but way ahead of me in time" - Richa Chaturvedi

A Mentor is a person who guides you through your life's bottleneck and helps you reach out to your goals in various domains of your life. Everyone needs a teacher at every step of their life. Mentors are teachers for your life whom you can confine into for wisdom and wealth. For a Mentee to become limitless and have unstoppable success, A mentor trusts you more than you trusted yourself. Finding a mentor who is of similar energy as yours and way ahead of you in time can be a daunting process, but this article can help you pave the way to find and nurture the relationship with a mentor.

1. Ask yourself, ``Are you the kind of Mentee whom you would want to Mentor? If Yes, How? and If Not, Why? Asking this question helps you shed some dirt over your personality. When you reflect inside, you start to radiate outside. You start to send signals to the universe about the kind of energy you want to attract to mentor you ahead of life.

2. Know Your Goals! Having aims is important for any relationship to start. For you to start with your Mentor-Mentee relationship, you need to know the goals you want to achieve. These goals will give you and the universe a clarity about which domain of your life needs guidance from a learned soul. So if your goals are personal development, then a life-coach will help you reach your goals.

3. Shortlist your Mentors as per your goals - Finding a mentor is an active process. Even Siddhartha Gautama needed to search for his gurus like Alara Kalama to eventually become Gautam Buddha one day. Study the person to ensure that you can go and confide in them without judgements. Keep patience, that even your Mentor will qualify you for them to invest their time and energy in you.

4. Make the ASK - Ask your Mentor to give time to you so that you can tell them about your goals. Your first meeting will establish the base for your mentor-mentee relationship. Be genuine in what you present to them, so that they can get a clear view of you towards this relationship.

5. Always Remember the following A-B-C

  • A. Availability - Be always available to give feedback and respond to their questions regarding your progress.
  • B. Believe - Mentor-Mentee relationship is a two-way process and a SERVICE. You are not paying enough to your mentor than what they are investing in you. Have faith and believe them. Money is secondary when it comes to a good mentor.
  • C. Commitment - Don't give up in between as the heat starts to go up. Mentors will challenge you and your capacities. They will push you out of your comfort zones. Don't get intimidated and check out, stay consistent and committed to your why.

"A Guide who believed in me more than I believed in myself, A Guide who made my life by wisdom and careful modeling and A Guide who saw me shining bright before I could realize!!!" - Richa Chaturvedi