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Date:8th March 2024
Time: 3 PM to 5 PM


English - Hindi Mix


2 Hours Masterclass

A 2 Hour webinar that will completely change your relationship with yourself. Through LIVE @zoom and recorded content, Women will understand how to stop caging their Mind, Body and Soul and Create their INNER VOICE and IDENTITY.

For the Women who want to live their Dream Life! Learn to find your passion, get a clear path & achieve it even if you are going through a difficult phase of life

Hi I'm Richa Chaturvedi

Your Empowerment Strategist and Lifecoach. I am on a mission to help women to find their identity, become empowered emotionally, personally and financially. I want you to earn the respect that you always deserved. MY Intended Focus is YOU SHEROES. I am a certified Life Coach and a columnist with English E-Paper Daily Khabar and Hindi E-Paper Agniban. I’ve trained over 1,000 women this year across corporates, colleges, schools and various forums. Having spent the last 12 years being a teacher with an international curriculum, teaching and training comes naturally to me. I have undergone extensive training under legends like Tony Robbins, Puja Puneet, Diya Asrani, Kain Ramsay, and many more. I've carefully designed a Blueprint customized for women to be able to discover their purpose, identity and niche skill-sets and then apply proven strategies and tools to monetize in multiple ways.

Motivational Speaker | Co-Author Instant Soul Empowerment | Life Coach | Founder EmpowHer | An Educationist | MS TALKS Keynote Speaker | NLP Practitioner

3 Power of the Masterclass

Know the 9 DEMONS that are caging your Mind, Body and Soul!

Know what makes you a SHERO with my S.H.E.R.O strategy and 5C’s SUCCESS FORMULA!

Know how to unlock the doors of Financial freedom towards creating and Strengthening your INNER VOICE and IDENTITY through Home Start-up Mastery!

What You will get in this Masterclass

Bonuses worth Rs. 9999/- Absolutely free
Bonus 1

Know ThySelf with SWOT

Bonus 2

Overcome your Past Trauma with C.R.I.R Model

Bonus 3

Learn the Attitude of Gratitude

Bonus 4

Navsutras to build your inner Character

Bonus 5

Be part of an active Whatsapp private Community

Bonus 6

Live Monthly Mastermind to help you stay on track.

How this Masterclass can help You


Discover Your Life Purpose, Inner Voice and Identity


Conquer the 9 Demons who sabotage you!


Convert your Passion into a Super Profitable Business from the comfort of your home


Build a Sustainable presence at work and on the professional front


Throw Away Your Excuses and Truly Start A Business You Love


Add another stream of income to your life


know where to start from, get answers to your numerous questions & Start taking ACTIONS


Live a life full of Abundance, Freedom and Balance


Come out of Guilt, Anger and Frustrations of lagging behind in life.

My Mission

My mission is to ignite the flames of confidence, courage, and self-belief within every woman and student I touch. Through personalised coaching, inspirational talks, and transformative workshops, I am dedicated to empowering women to embrace their strength, find their voices, identity and chart their unique paths in life. For students, we nurture a growth mindset, instilling essential life skills, and encouraging them to dream big, believe in themselves, and become resilient leaders of tomorrow. I am committed to fostering a world where every woman and student stands tall, empowered to create, inspire, and thrive." - Richa Chaturvedi

My Vision

"Illuminating Futures, Empowering Lives: Women and Students First."


Daily Columnist with E-Paper Daily Khabar

Featured in both National and Regional Newspapers like - Dainik Bhasker, Nai Duniya, Patrika, Daily Hunt,

Authored Book Instant Soul Empowerment

Touched 10k+ lives

Trained by Tony Robbins, Kain Ramsay, Puja Puneet, Diya Asrani

Leader @Diya Asrani Community

This workshop is not for Women

Who wants To Life in their comfort zones

Who do not want to take Actions towards Procreation of their own Life

Who do not feel that they need to prioritize their life needs, goals and aspirations

Who feel that they have lived through their lives and nothing much can be done now.

Hi my Dear sheroes,

I welcome you to my masterclass - Find your Identity Come and take charge of your life…

I am your Host, instructor, mentor, guide and Coach Richa Chaturvedi

In the last 3 - 4 years I have been embracing an amazing relationship with myself and my soul where I am incharge of my own needs, time, energy and money. I don’t need to take approvals and validations from my in-laws, spouse, parents or society despite being part of the same setup as you are.

And my dear shero, I want to tell you that this all you too can achieve with my masterclass wherein I will empower you

  • To find the 9 demons inside you that are sabotaging your mind, body and soul.
  • Find out how to become a SHERO with my shero strategy and success formula.
  • And lay down a blueprint towards starting your own journey towards financial independence.

I want to remind you women that you are a woman of relevance, abundance and worth.

With this masterclass, I will leave you with frameworks to deep dive into your own past traumas and heal yourself through, know yourself better and create universal energies towards new milestones of life.

At the end of it we all know women who have been part of this same convention and yet creating wonders just not for themselves but for their families too. But initially they too have gone against the current to create their own pathways. You too can accomplish a lot more than what you're possibly having today!!!

Do register yourself on the link below towards this 2 hour masterclass. I would also love to hear about your feedback, do reach out to me on Your ideas are meaningful to me. About 5000 women have gone through this masterclass and the feedback so far is amazing and empowering. And I am completely convinced that you too will immensely benefit from this masterclass towards creating and strengthening your identity!!!

Enjoy the masterclass, waiting for your feedback… All the best!!

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