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Hi I'm Richa Chaturvedi

Your Empowerment Strategist and Lifecoach. I am on a mission to help women to find their identity, become empowered emotionally, personally and financially. I want you to earn the respect that you always deserved. MY Intended Focus is YOU SHEROES. I am a certified Life Coach and a columnist with English E-Paper Daily Khabar and Hindi E-Paper Agniban. I’ve trained over 1,000 women this year across corporates, colleges, schools and various forums. Having spent the last 12 years being a teacher with an international curriculum, teaching and training comes naturally to me. I have undergone extensive training under legends like Tony Robbins, Puja Puneet, Diya Asrani, Kain Ramsay, and many more. I've carefully designed a Blueprint customized for women to be able to discover their purpose, identity and niche skill-sets and then apply proven strategies and tools to monetize in multiple ways.

My Mission

My mission is to ignite the flames of confidence, courage, and self-belief within every woman and student I touch. Through personalised coaching, inspirational talks, and transformative workshops, I am dedicated to empowering women to embrace their strength, find their voices, identity and chart their unique paths in life. For students, we nurture a growth mindset, instilling essential life skills, and encouraging them to dream big, believe in themselves, and become resilient leaders of tomorrow. I am committed to fostering a world where every woman and student stands tall, empowered to create, inspire, and thrive." - Richa Chaturvedi

My Vision

"Illuminating Futures, Empowering Lives: Women and Students First."

Sheroes - Women - Mompreneurs - Homepreneurs - Solopreneurs - Lifepreneurs -
Homemakers - Womepreneurs - Shepreneurs

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DON’T Define Yourself in a Limiting Way!

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Nitty-Gritty of Integrity!

"Integrity is being in your true essence which may not be perfect but is right to its subject"...

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